2018 Team Exposure Series

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NSC Baseball is proud to announce our first collaborative showcase this July in San Antonio, TX. We have partnered with 643 Prime Events  and will be providing all participating teams with in-depth player analytics, evaluations, and a variety of metrics. Players will also be given the opportunity to be recognized on our National Leaderboards, as well as showcased in front of thousands on our Social Media Platforms!! The NSC Player Analysis will be implemented throughout the entire weekend.  643 PE will be conducting the tournament at multiple fields throughout San Antonio, and guarantees each team at least one game at a college venue. Keep an eye out for the NSC tent & secure a time for your team to complete their evaluations! Professional and College scouts will be provided with all of the player profiles (I.e. Contact info, Testing numbers) as the event continues! In game analytics, player evaluations, college coaches, & more! #EXPOSURE

All NSC events will be competitive environments allowing each team and player the ability to not only showcase their talent but to also display how they perform in the competitive environment. Social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram will be used to advocate for each organization's players performance, and help athletes to gain national recognition. Rosters for each competing team in NSC events need to be submitted no later than 10 days prior to the start of the event as scout books will be made for attending college coaches to review and contact players. Team Roster’s can have a maximum size of 15 players.  For rosters over this size, please contact our team and request to add additional players for a small fee. Thanks for choosing NSC!

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Check out Who's Coming

16u Division-2020 Grads and UndeR
(3 Spots Remain Available)

Evoshield Canes Southwest 15u
Evoshield Canes Southwest 16u
Hill Country 15u - Yacek
Hill Country 15u - Castro
Hill Country 15u- Sauceda
Hill Country 16u- Train
Ronin Bats Co. 15u Purple
Ronin Bats Co. 15u White
Ronin Bats Co. 16u Purple
Etrain Baseball 15u
Etrain Baseball 16u
Marucci South TX 16u
LBA 15u
Action 16u

18u Division- 2018 & 2019 Grads
(1 Spots Remain Available)

Houston Oilers 17u
Marucci South TX 18u Blue
Marucci South TX 18u Orange
Marucci South TX 17u Blue
Marucci South TX 17u Orange
Hill Country 18u- Ortega
Hill Country 18u- Manley
Hill Country 18u- Enos
Etrain Baseball 17u
Etrain Baseball 18u
Evoshield Canes Southwest 17u
Evoshield Canes Southwest 18u
Ronin Bats Co. 18u Purple
Ronin Bats Co. 18u White
Action 17U
Corpus Christi Renegades 17u
Kerville Indians 18u
Warriors Baseball Club