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Welcome to the National Showcase Circuit 2018!  Our team is excited for the upcoming year, and look forward to being a part of your baseball future.  As it was in the beginning, the mission of NSC is to provide quality college exposure for high school baseball players across the country.  With over 500 signees and events now expanding into 15 U.S. States, NSC is the fastest growing showcase organization in the world!  Pro-Style Combine, Exposure Games, State of the Art Venues, and 20+ College Coaches guaranteed at every event!  Availability is limited, so please secure your spot now to take part in this one of a kind recruitment experience.  Get Exposure | Get Recruited | Get Signed...


THe NSC Model

To provide the maximum amount of exposure to athletes, and to ensure that all of our participants receive an equal opportunity to showcase their talents. 

  • Pro-Style Combine with National Ranking System
    • Test your Offensive, Defensive, Pitching, and Athleticism
  • Exposure Based Gameplay
  • 20+ College Coaches guaranteed at each event!
    • Our Advisory Team ensures that colleges of all levels/divisions will be provided!
  • Get Recruited with the National Showcase Circuit! #Exposure


The National Showcase Circuit was founded in 2014 by a group of select program coaches in Texas, with the mission to provide a better showcase experience for their clients.  As events spread across the Lone Star State, their unique showcase model was grabbing the attention of players across the Region.  By 2016, NSC was running events in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas...gathering data for over 4,000 players each year and helping them with recruitment!  Now that the brand has reached National recognition, our team couldn't be more excited about what this circuit has to bring.   With events now in 15 U.S. States, NSC is coming to a city near you! 



"The best showcase I have ever been to!" —Rudy Reyna (Athlete's Father)

"After traveling all summer looking for exposure...we come here and get seen by more colleges than the entire summer season combined...! — Stephanie Emmel (Athlete's Mother)

"I am just excited that there were 'real coaches' here and not just random guys in collared shirts!— Nathan Richie (Ronin Bat Co.)

"Thrilled to bring my teams here, and its so affordable.  My clients love it, so I love it too.  ALL of our teams will be attending these events in the future!"— Jonathan Paiz ( HC Baseball)



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